Current Contributors


Steven Beason is a Fun in the sun type of person, a free-lance writer, currently working on a book called Legends of the Gods. His favorite animals are wolves, orcas, dolphins and dragons. Steven keeps several blogs on his book. Steven has high enthusiasm and believes people are important and he believes that all creatures were created equal. Steven is also a freelance photographer and filmmaker.


Julia Clapp is a junior at Unity College studying Environmental Writing and Media. She is a transfer student as of Fall 2012, and after a long search is happy to finally be at a school she loves. She is a lifelong resident of Maine and has always loved the outdoors, which inspired her imagination growing up and now inspires her writing. Her interests range from exploring to cooking to dance to movies and British television. She also loves theatre and sometimes writes plays.


Sass Linneken, a 34-year-old, married mother of three, is a free-lance writer and non-traditional student studying Environmental Writing and Media at Unity College. To date she is known for her blog, Thorns Have Roses hosted by Blogger, which chronicles her family’s journey to recovery after a serious automobile accident in May of 2012. She is also known for annoying her children until they whine. Aside from writing and agitating loved ones, Sass most enjoys spending her time hiking, being politically active, and eating bacon. The legacy Sass would most like to leave behind is one of stopping climate change dead in its tracks – single-handedly.


Anna Mueller is an Environmental Writing and Media student at Unity College. She has lived in various places including Germany, Florida, Massachusetts, Texas, and now Maine. With each move, Anna has gotten to know a lot of different people, and learned a lot of different lessons. She has had an internship at Z’s Café in Fort Worth, TX and many different jobs including child care provider, working at an Orchard, and apprenticing at Fisher Farm in Winterport, Maine, an organic vegetable and livestock farm, for a summer as an apprentice through MOFGA (Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association.)


Arthur Nerzig is a sophomore  Sustainable Energy Management student at Unity College.He loves being outside camping, hiking, canoeing, backpacking or walking around randomly. Someday he hopes to get a job in the alternative energy field working with either solar or wind technology to help the world migrate away from fossil fuels and into a brighter and cleaner future for the planet.

MPlanceMichelle Plance is currently pursuing majors in both Wildlife Biology and Environmental Writing & Studio Productions at Unity College. She lives and has lived in Portage, Indiana her whole life. She likes writing in many different styles but prefers to writ scientific papers. She enjoys helping other students develop their own papers as well. Michelle enjoys writing and hopes to continue to develop and grow as a writer.

012Marina Theberge is a nature enthusiast who needs little more than a warm climate and a bountiful garden to keep her content. Currently a Sustainable Agriculture major at Unity College she believes that it is the people’s responsibility to maintain clean and abundant water and land for ourselves and fellow animals and to use Earth’s resources in the utmost sustainable way. Through her writing she hopes to bring people closer to current issues that threaten our natural world and create more awareness of the simpler yet enjoyable aspects in life. Marina is a newly engaged climate activist and has realized a deeper interest in the art of expression this year. Aside from topics already mentioned other enthusiasms lie in personal writing, long distance running, hiking, travel, animal care, naturopathy and growing an organic garden which she someday hopes to develop into a permaculture landscape.

58123_1293848165580_6284981_nMegan Miville is a Captive Wildlife Care and Education student at Unity College.  She has always had a passion for animals and hopes to one day travel to Africa and work with cheetahs.  She enjoys being with her family and friends and likes to spend as much time with them as she can.  Born and raised in Maine, she also enjoys the outdoors and likes to go camping in the woods or take a trip to explore someplace new.  Photography has always been an inspiration and a hobby she wishes to improve.  Her goal in life is to work on the conservation of animals and their natural habitat, as well as educate children the importance of animal conservation.

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