Wicked Beautiful View Bub!

If you’re in the Midcoast region of vacationland U.S.A, digging for a spectacularly beautiful view of the ocean, small Maine towns and seemingly endless woods you must make your rounds to Camden Maine!

Located in Knox County, Camden is a typical small Mainer town. Like most towns on the coast of Maine, there is a great abundance of sea food restaurants, shops of all shapes and sizes and plenty of woods to explore. If you’re familiar with the woods of Maine then you know that you can’t go wrong with where you choose to knock your boot into. The woods of Camden State Park don’t prove any different.

If walking in and out of shop after shop isn’t your thing (I don’t blame you) then perhaps Camden Hills State Park is right up your alley. Located at 280 Belfast Road in Camden, it’s located roughly 3 miles from town and right off route 1. Once at the park you can choose from over a hundred camp sites to sleep at after a day’s hike of Mt. Megunticook. The phone number for the park is 207-236-0849 and the website is

The trail’s length ranges from 3 miles all the way up to 30 miles of connected trails; be sure to have a trail map at the ready, snacks, a flashlight and a cell phone because the service is very good from the peak! Although, we recommend you press the off button and get on your way!

The experience level required for the trails depend on the season. If you plan on hiking during snow melt, which is highly recommended, you’ll need a good pair of boots, hiking poles and a careful footing. Trail conditions range from muddy to icy in the blink of an eye. My choice of boot for the trip was tall rubber boots; walking through the ice cold snow melt waterfalls was simply amazing! There are endless crystal clear waterfalls flowing down the trail especially as you make your way to the peak.

The hike will take approximately two and a half hours to complete not including your stay at the top, and trust me you’ll stay a while! Pack a lunch and a picnic blanket and enjoy the beautiful crisp (but still t-shirt acceptable) breeze overlooking the ocean and town of Camden. No matter how long you stay at the peak, you’re guaranteed a great experience in the woods of Camden Maine, well, unless it’s raining of course!



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