Unity College News

No Changes Expected to Unity College Firearm Policy

By: Josiah Coyle

Unity College allows students to store guns on campus under specific safety guidelines and will continue to do so.

Gun control is currently a matter of national debate with state and federal legislation being written to curb the sale of “assault rifles”. Much of this debate was prompted by the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that took place last December.

At Unity students are “allowed two [guns], no hand guns” says Dean Bessey, Chief of campus Public Safety. “We’re kinda rare, not many schools do that.” If students do wish to bring guns to school they must take a training course and give their guns to Public Safety for storage.

The guns are stored in secured rooms behind locks, alarms, and barred windows, with ammunition and carrying cases stored separately from the guns themselves. All firearm serial numbers are logged in a database and students must sign out their guns when they want to go hunting.

“Here we check them in, because, if we don’t so many of our students hunt that they’d end up in their cars, their trunks or their rooms.” Says Bessey, “So we’d rather control them, rather have them locked up in here. We haven’t had any problems; no one’s gotten in trouble with them since I’ve been here so I don’t see it changing anytime soon. The way we’re doing it so far is good, I don’t know if there’s a better way. If there is we haven’t come across it yet.”


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