Unity College News

Unity College Graduate Follows Her Dreams

Unity College graduate, Meredith Kellogg, was named Maine Wolf Coalition’s Education and Outreach Coordinator in September of 2010.

From a press release from the Maine Wolf Coalition (MWC), Kellogg volunteers regularly and is also the Northeast Ambassador for Wolf Park in Indiana. Kellogg has also been an interpretive guide for people at state parks.

Some of Kellogg’s work includes developing programs about wolves for schools and groups.  Kellogg also presents some of these programs to the public around the state.  In 2010, Kellogg worked the booth for the MWC at the Common Ground Country Fair, put on by Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA) in Unity.

Kellogg recently came back to the local area to speak about wolves in September of 2012 at the Unity Historical Society.  Here, Kellogg educated the public on “Wolf Pits” and the dangers the species face by trappers.

Kellogg went on to describe how many trappers see wolves as a threat to their livestock, hunting, and saw them as something to fear.  Many populations have been completely eliminated from areas within the country.  Kellogg and other wildlife experts in Maine are unsure if there is a wolf population, it is possible wolves could roam up north in the state close to Canada.

Interbreeding between wolves and coyotes makes identification difficult for conservationists and wardens as to which animals are acceptable to be hunted and which ones are not.  Kellogg mentioned that in Maine, there have been previous instances “where ‘large coyotes’ have been killed” and the wardens took no charge, the hunters walked away with their prize.

After graduating from Unity College, Kellogg continued her education to University of Southern Maine to earn her master’s degree.  Kellogg has always been very passionate about wolves and she is a dedicated advocate for these animals.



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