Unity College News

SGA Re-Elections

Unity- SGA elections for Unity College happened Tuesday 11:00-1:00 PM. Some positions, such as SGA President, were unopposed while others didn’t have anyone running for them.

This year candidates, especially those who ran without oppositions like the presidential position, did not voice themselves for or against specific issues. This is either the fourth or fifth year in which the SGA presidential position has been unopposed said Merrit “In recent years, there hasn’t been as much competition amongst the candidates.”

Melisa Merrit is currently the President of SGA. The SGA president organizes meetings and, during elections, they are relied upon to encourage students to run for the SGA positions said Merrit.

Presidential candidate Samantha Longo said before the election that the reason people were running unopposed was because, “No one is really interested in SGA.” As president, this is something Longo hopes to change.

Longo added, “I really don’t think SGA should be scrounging [for] people to fill spots … people should be interested and we should be having races and real elections.

Longo said she liked the idea of being unopposed for the presidential position because she would have the opportunity to accomplish her goals and improve SGA, however, she said, “In a sense, it’s a little disappointing. I would really like to have a campaign of some sort [so I could] go talk to the campus community and let them know why I want to represent them.”

As president, Longo wants to get SGA more involved with the campus community and set a positive example that other clubs and students can follow. “Student Government has been good for the past few years, but it definitely needs a pick me up.” said Longo.

Making SGA a prominent leader on campus is one of the main reasons Longo ran this year. “I definitely think that’s missing right now.”

Along with the President position both the Vice President and Sophomore Representative Positions ran without opposition. No one ran for the Senior Representative Position as well.

-Michelle Plance


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