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MOO Milk Running Low at Unity College

Earlier this year Unity College began to supply MOO (Maine’s Own Organic) milk in the cafeteria as part of their mission to support locally produced foods.

The milk has been available for six months now and students are starting to express their opinions, which are not as good as expected. The decision to provide the milk was a collaborative effort by the college to support the MOO Milk brand, stated Director of Dining Services Sandy Donahue.

Students at Unity College say that frequently the school runs out of MOO Milk and is forced to fall back on Oakhurst milk, which the college has been providing dominantly. Sophomore at the college, Elmer DeForge said he noticed that the cafeteria tends to run out very frequently and that there is a taste difference between the two. “When I taste tested them both, there’s a distinct after taste on the MOO Milk, it’s not as good.” Donahue said that sometimes there are problems with the packaging of the MOO Milk so we need to buy Oakhurst.

As of spring 2013, MOO Milk does not offer chocolate milk but Donahue says the college will continue to support the milk brand into the next school year.

-Arthur Nerzig

**Correction: This article states that MOO Milk was available for six months – it should have said six weeks.

One thought on “MOO Milk Running Low at Unity College

  1. Glad to see Terrarium is exploring campus sustainability efforts.
    If I may point out, at the time of this post, MOO Milk had been offered for about six weeks (not months). As the first institutional purchaser of MOO Milk, we’re glad to work through the details with such supportive partners as Oakhurst and MOO.

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