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Homeopathy Welcomed by Wellness Center


UNITY – A pilot program offering homeopathic healthcare to Unity College students is being tested at the Harrison Aldrich Wellness Center every other Friday from now until April.

According to Carleen Johnson, an administrative assistant at the Wellness Center and a certified professional Homeopath who sits on the board of the North American Society of Homeopathy, the desire to treat students holistically is what prompted the initiation of the program.

Alternating between clinic weeks, and discussion weeks, Johnson said the next treatment clinic is scheduled for March 8th, while the next discussion meeting will be held today, March 1st between the hours of 4pm and 5pm in the Wellness Room.

To be treated in the clinic, which runs from 9am to 4:30pm, according to staff at the Wellness Center; students need to call ahead and schedule an appointment. The discussion meetings are meant to educate students on the topic of homeopathy as well as to help train them on how to effectively use it as a first aid treatment option in addition to conventional methods of medicine, according to Johnson.

Marina Theberge, a Unity College student who has attended both the treatment clinic and the discussion meetings, said she is a fan of the program so far because she finds it interesting and likes that “it’s completely safe.”

Homeopathic medicine, based on the premise of treating illness symptoms with the “Law of Similars” is described by The National Center for Homeopathy as a treatment that works by eradicating illness symptoms with an “ultradilute” tincture made from ingredients found in nature. These ingredients if taken by a healthy person would cause similar symptoms to those being experienced by the sick person.

According to Johnson, homeopathy is a treatment so lacking in side effects it is safe enough to use on infants.

-Sass Linneken


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