Unity College News

Unity College’s Honors Program

Unity- Unity College has developed an Honors Program to gain more incoming students and give current students the chance to academically challenge themselves.

It offers opportunities to high achieving students and gives them an appropriate environment in which they can feel comfortable, said Michele Leavitt. She and Aimee Philippi work together as heads of the Honors Program.

Philippi said the Honors Program will not only help bring in new students who are interested in it, but it would also help the students who are already at the school.

Kieu Tran a Marine Biology Major at Unity College said, “I think students will take Unity College a little more serious, those that go here and those that don’t. When I was looking for a college I was looking for one that would challenge me and having an Honors Program was on my list.”

Philippi said that there has been a lot of energy spent on helping students with, “learning difficulties or challenges,” in the past and that although these were good incentives the school also wanted to support those students who did rather well in academics.

Leavitt said that the program, which has been in the planning process for two years, was met with opposition from people who believed that it was unfair to single out select groups of students. “Some of the cultural objection … with having the Honors Program is that this is a school that has a very strong egalitarian [focus], so the idea to separate an elite group was really distasteful.”

Leavitt added, “I’m personally not crazy about separating people into different groups.” However, the Honors Program was not designed to separate students said Philippi.


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