Unity College News

Stephen Mulkey Increasing Climate Change Worst Enemy

Written By: Steven Beason

President Stephen Mulkey gave a talk at the Unity College Center of Performing Arts (UCCPA) on Monday Feb 18.  The lecture was on Climate Change.

One of the key points that Stephen tries to make is Unity College should become more active in Climate change and to participate as activists on climate change.

Stephen Mulkey’s activism became widely recognized by his announcement to put all of Unity College’s di-vestment into becoming independent of fossil fuels.  In an interview between Stephen Mulkey and Green America Mulkey says, “If you are a student in college today, and you’re not an activist, I wonder what’s wrong with you.”

Stephen Mulkey in his talk at The UCCPA says that the first step in getting student activists is to educate students about the situation.  He even believes that it is a disservice to the students for professors not to encourage activism.

Stephen Mulkey told students he considers himself an activist. He enforced his statement when he spoke at the 350.org rally in Portland on January 26 and he attended the DC rally in Washington on Keystone Pipeline on February 17, this type of activism from college president is revolutionary.

He encourages activism from students, teachers, and “climate change is not going away,” he says during his lecture.

Sass Linneken student at Unity College says she attended several of Stephen Mulkey’s lectures, she always found them intuitive and eye opening. She said “I have attended several of his lectures, they are always informative.”

The lecture was to introduce climate change to the Issues and Insights course, which is a course to inform students about the hot environmental issues today.  Sarah Cunningham Professor of Captive wildlife and Education said, “Climate Change affects everyone.”  The lecture teaches students without the need for professors to assign long readings or watching a documentary according to John Zavodny

 John Zavodny, Philosophy Professor at Unity College who teaches one section of Issues and Insights says “Climate Change number One issue.”  Stephen Mulkey’s talk seems to have a message outside of the facts of his lecture, which is students and professors should become more active in climate change.

This lecture by Stephen Mulkey is to occur again each semester for the issues and insights course.  Since the consensus is climate change is an issue and it’s not going away, students will continue to attend the lecture for Issues and Insights Course. 

The reason the issues and insight course was introduced, was the original four courses which made up general education were converted into three courses instead.  


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