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Faculty Search at Unity College

Unity College is currently looking for five new faculty positions to be filled by the fall 2013 semester.

Stacey Hachey, Administrative Assistant for Unity College, stated that the five new positions include Sustainable Forest Management, Sustainable Fisheries Management, Adventure Therapy, Human Ecology, and Sustainable Enterprise. Hachey stated that the hopes are that these positions will be filled by July of this year.

Mick Womersley, Professor of Human Ecology, stated that the college is looking to developing a new degree program in Sustainable Enterprise sometime in the future which will be a business program with a sustainable focus. This program will “bring in new and different students,” Womersley said, he feels that this may be a popular degree. “We hope to get new more interesting viable programs.”
The two sustainability programs that are offered at the college are Sustainable Agriculture and Sustainable Energy Management. According to Melissa Merritt, Student Government President, believes that the “sustainability majors have a lot of potential and will be important in the science field now and even more so in the coming years.” As the programs improve, Merritt believes that they will “become more popular among incoming students.”

Currently there is only one Sustainable Enterprise course. This course consists of the “basic business start-up and operations from envisioning a product or service to understanding market niche and the constraints and opportunities posed by the taxation and regulatory environment” as well as “working on individual plans for a green business” as taken from the 2012-2013 Catalog from the college.

The Human Ecology position will include teaching some of the Environmental Issues & Insights and Environmental Scenarios & Solutions courses which focus on learning about the environmental problems the world is presently facing and possible solutions to solve these problems, from the 2013-2013 Catalog.

Both the Human Ecology and Sustainable Enterprise positions will have fewer classes to teach within their program and will also contribute in the general education at the college. “The faculty probably would not have asked for a new human ecologist or a sustainable enterprise position. The president was willing and enthusiastic to hire people in those areas and once he offered those positions, we were willing to accept” Womersley added.

The Sustainable Forest Management, Sustainable Fisheries Management and Adventure Therapy are all replacement positions for previous faculty members who are leaving the school. The Management positions are going to be more focused on climate change and habitat management problems, as clarified by Womersley, “climate change has become very important in wildlife management.”

-Megan Miville


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